The view

Enjoy the view from Mølster

Come and get the best view of Voss!
Voss Folk Museum and the Mølstertunet farm cluster is a popular destination. This is no coincidence – whether you walk, drive, run or cycle, you will enjoy a wonderful view of parts of Voss.
If you need a refill to top up your energy, the museum café is open during the museum’s opening hours. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, cakes, ice cream, or soft drinks.

Frå 4. januar:

Ope måndag - fredag 10-15

Ta gjerne kontakt om du har spørsmål



Mølstervegen 143, 5705 Voss


Tlf: 474 79 794

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Opening hours

From January 4:
Open Mon-Friday 10 AM - 3PM

Adr: Mølstervegen 143, Voss Tel: +47 474 79 794
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