Current exhibitions

At Mølstertunet

  • Small exhibition about farm clusters in Voss and life at Mølstertunet at the farm cluster.
  • Adolph Tidemand’s sketches of the dwelling houses at Mølster, in addition to sketches of other farm clusters that once stood in Voss, drawn by the architect Arne Berg. A model of Mølster, made by the boy scouts in Voss in 1925 is also on display here. Different sized and decorated Vossakjenger – a drinking vessel made of wood – are on display in one of the buildings. They all have the characteristic horse-head shaped handles. The oldest kjenge on display is from 1571.


Måndag-fredag kl. 10-15


Mølstervegen 143, 5705 Voss


Tlf: 474 79 794

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Adr: Mølstervegen 143, Voss Tel: +47 474 79 794
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