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Oppheim Old Vicarage

A farm cluster that can be traced back to the Middle Ages

If you take a walk up the road from Oppheim, past the old cemetery, you arrive at a farm cluster whose building style and form of residence is from the Middle Ages.

The main house stands in a long, consecutive row of buildings, with a firewood shed, open-hearth house, dwelling house, and a shed with a loft. On the wall between the houses, we find traces of old decorative kroting. The barn stands at the front of the farm cluster.

Although a priest has not lived on the farm since Catholic times, the farm has always belonged to the church.

Oppheim Old Vicarage is located by Oppheim Church, 26 kilometres from Vossavangen. The road to Oppheim exits the E16 road. There are no set opening times, but you can look around the area. Contact Voss Folk Museum if you want a tour of the vicarage.