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Come with us and explore the buildings!

Join a tour with one of our competent guides.
At Mølstertunet farm cluster we offer guided tours for small and large groups by arrangement, throughout the year. In the summer season, from 18 May to 1 September, there is a guided tour every hour. A tour lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and you will be able to look inside at least two of the buildings on the farm.
We also offer tours on different themes such as brewing beer, traditional baking and building styles.



17. august-31. oktober 2020:

Ope man-fredag kl 10-15,
sundag kl 12-15


Mølstervegen 143, 5705 Voss
Tlf: 474 79 794

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Adr: Mølstervegen 143, Voss
Tel: +47 474 79 794

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17 August-31 October:

Open Mon-Friday 10 AM-3 PM, Sunday 12 AM-3 PM

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