The fantastic Mølster farm cluster

Mølster for children

We welcome children of all ages to fantastic Mølster. Have fun in the fairy tale corner, build a tiny Mølster building, read books, or dress up in old-fashioned clothing. What does it feel like to walk around in real shoes made of wood?
We offer a range of activities. Try the Viking game Kubb, walk on stilts, throw horseshoes, or skip rope. We keep hens on the farm cluster in summer, and sheep graze around the farm cluster before they are taken to pasture in the mountains.


Måndag-fredag kl. 10-15


Mølstervegen 143, 5705 Voss


Tlf: 474 79 794

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Opening hours

Mon-Friday 10 AM-3 PM

Adr: Mølstervegen 143, Voss Tel: +47 474 79 794
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